Filtering columns out of data using Azure Data Factory

At work, every night we ingest a couple of large comma separated files (CSVs) that are 45 to 50 GB each. These files are generated externally, so we don’t control what information is in them. For our purposes, we really only need maybe 10 of the 50 or so columns in each file. In order… Read More »

Running U-SQL Advance Analytics Locally Eats My Disk Space

Disclaimer: I know that what I’m doing is completely unsupported right now. This is just to document what I’ve found just in case someone else has the same issue. Now that U-SQL supports running R and python scripts, it would be awesome to develop and test U-SQL scripts with R locally. Luckily, the folks at… Read More »

Auth0 Authorization Code Grant Flow with PKCE in C#

I was recently checking out Auth0 for a Xamarin Forms mobile app and trying to follow their walkthrough for authorization code grant flow with PKCE. They have C# sample code for most other scenarios on their site, but not for this one. Converting the Java sample to C# was straight forward, but it didn’t work.… Read More »