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Friendly Reminder: Don’t use platform defaults

tl;dr Don’t use platform defaults as they may not be the same across all machines, especially when sending data in between them. Microsoft has a big warning section in the Encoding.Default property docs about this. The story A few years … Continue reading

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Get Azure Functions 2 Preview Up And Running On OS X With C# Functions

** This is what I encountered as of April 16, 2018 so this may no longer be accurate. Also, note that this is for the preview version. tl;dr Finally after much frustration and a bit of luck, I got something … Continue reading

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Friendly Reminder: GetHashCode Isn’t an Identifier

tl;dr Don’t use GetHashCode to identify an object. Microsoft has a big warning section in the GetHashCode docs about this. The story We store around 70 million unique objects in Azure Table Storage and we access them through an API … Continue reading

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