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Using Azure Functions to Replace Cloud Workers

When looking at options for replacing Worker Roles in Azure Cloud Services, more and more, Azure Functions look to fit the bill. I like the idea of just writing code that focuses on what needs to be done and not … Continue reading

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Repost: Filtering columns out of data using Azure Data Factory

At work, every night we ingest a couple of large comma separated files (CSVs) that are 45 to 50 GB each. These files are generated externally, so we don’t control what information is in them. For our purposes, we really … Continue reading

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Whoops, starting over (or why you should really keep your contact info up to date)

Last year, I started blogging again. Nothing major, just tidbits from things I struggled with at work or found interesting. Back in September, my hosting at dreamhost expired, they sent out warnings and I never got them. It’s not their … Continue reading

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